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Political Strife
Alexa and Meghan

Iran Political Solution

Somali Political Strife Solutions

Kenyan Strife Assessment

Kenyan officials assess the history of their political strife in their country and what can be done and the risks of finding stability.

Ethipoian Strife

Speaks about the end of the two year Ethiopian war, and how to further help to improve political situations.

President Obama speaking about how to aid in political strife issues in Libya.


This is a general overview of the political corruption throughout the world.

Libya- Political Strife Pros

Off the intense idea of political strife, this article talks about how the political unrest in Libya could help in small car sales.

Spread Democracy

This is an essay explaining how the United States should help other countries by spreading democracy, this could stop the political chaos in other countries.

Political Reform

Political Strife Solution

Possible solutions to political strife not nessecarily in these developing countries but some solutions that could be used anywhere.